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element series: inspired by Avatar-the last airbender


The people of the Water Tribe are adaptable, creative and emotionally intelligent. They embrace constant change while maintaining steadfast love. 

*We see Katara quickly adapt to her current situation throughout the series. The loss of her mother, her father going to battle, the discovery of the Avatar, the trip around the world to help the Avatar learn bending and end the war*  
* Sokka showed his incredible intellectual potential, capacity to learn, and critical thinking skills all throughout his journey. He absorbed information quickly and completely and solved problems at very quick rate* 
1)What do adaptable, creative, and emotionally intelligent mean to you?  
Can you give other examples of how these terms relate to our characters? 

2) Do you consider yourself “adaptable” or are you a “creature of habit”?  

The Water Nation Tribes are considered to be extremely spiritual people. The have a great understanding of things that are not fully visible. The National Emblem for the Water Trible is the crescent moon and three wavy lines representing ocean water. This represents the relationship between the moon and ocean spirits who act in harmony to bring peace.  

3) If your family had an emblem to represent you what would it look like? What would its meaning be? If time allowed draw a picture or create your emblem out of items from home. 

The people of the Water Tribe are deep respect for tradition and community. When a Southern Water Trible child turns 14 they must take a rite of passage know as ice dodging. After completing the ritual, they are given marks of honor.  
4) What are a few of your family traditions that have been passed down from generations? What makes those traditions special to you and your family? 

The people of the Water Tribe are Iron-willed when it comes to their values and beliefs. They stand stong on principals they are sure of.  

5) Give a few examples of situations in while Sokka and Katara were unwavering in their beliefs or principals.  


Water Bending closely resembles Tai-Chi. Learn more about Tai-Chi Learn a few forms and share with your family.  

Influences on the Water Tribe’s appearances are drawn from the Inuit culture. The people of the Inuit culture create beautiful and intricate works of art. Find a few pictures of these sculptures and if time allows, create a sculpture of your own out of materials from home.  

Seaweed is the most common ingredient used in Water Tribe foods. They use it to make seaweed bread, seaweed soup, and seaweed cookies. Do you think you would enjoy seaweed cookies? How do you think they will look? How do you think they will taste? If time allows, try an experiment making seaweed cookies.  

The ships of the water tribe are called Cutter Sailing Ships. They have wooden hulls and depend on wind to propel them. If time allows make your own model of a Cutter Sailing ship using items from home.  

The Southern Water Tribe’s land most closely resembles Antarctica. Find a few pictures of Antartica. Compare the similarities and the differences.  


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