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Tori’s Stepping patch

Tori’s Stepping Patch

Brownie-Complete 6

Junior-Complete 8

CSA- Complete 10

Stepping is an energetic art form that involves traditional African dance. The body becomes the instrument that produces catchy beats and rhythms. Stepping has evolved through time and has impacted the world in many ways. Learn more about stepping through this patch.

1- What is the history of stepping. Who created it? When did it begin? What people did step when it was created and why?

2- Stepping is widely used by African American sororities and fraternities. Discover which of these specific groups utilize stepping. These organizations are know as “The Divine Nine”. Why were these groups created?

3-Stepping involves a lot of movement of the feet, like other types of dancing such as clogging, Irish step dancing and tap dancing. Look up the meanings of each and identify differences and/or similarities between the styles of dance.

4-Watch videos of step routines to see what stepping is all about! Discuss what you watched. Did you like the cohesiveness of the groups, or the personality?

5- Discover how stepping is used in today’s pop culture and media. Stepping is utilized in various movies and dance routines of music artists like Ciara. Other music artists include R&B groups like “The Temptations” and the “Four Tops”.

6-Stepping has not only influenced the media, but world cultures as well. Find out how stepping is practiced worldwide.

7- We know that stepping incorporates traditional African ritual dances, but as stepping has progressed through the years, elements of specific dance styles and sports have been utilized in the art. Brainstorm what you think those particular dance styles and sports are, then research them to see how they compare to your original ideas.

8- There is a type of dance that is closely related to stepping. It involves a specific kind of boot and derives from South Africans who worked in gold mines. Figure out the name of the boot and how this type of dance helped the workers communicate with each other.

9-Learn a step routine from a stepping tutorial video. You can also create your own step and if you’d like, you can have experienced steppers to help. From members of local step teams to professionals or sorority members.

10-Performance time! Watch a performance of a step team and gain the live experience of seeing step in person, this can include professionals or school groups etc. There’s also the option to create a step routine and show it to someone, you can present the one you might’ve created in step #9. Be sure not to entirely copy an original routine from someone who has not approved you to use it, and perform it for others. Using other people’s step routines like this is strict in stepping culture, especially amongst the sororities and fraternities. Another option for this step, is to form a group of people and create a step routine together to perform it for others.

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