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Suspicious Mates: Online Play

Suspicious Mates- online play

1) As a crewmate, successfully make it to the end of one round without being turned into a ghost

2)As the impostor, successfully make it to the end of the round without being discovered

3) Play one round with “Visual tasks” off Launch Among Us and head over to the laptop in your game lobby. Click/tap on ‘Customize’ in the bottom right corner of your screen. Now select the ‘Game’ tab at the top. Scroll down and uncheck the box for ‘Visual Tasks’. Finally, click/tap the ‘X’ in the top left corner of the window.

4)Play one round with “Eject Confirms” off When the host is in the lobby screen, click on the Customize button on the bottom right side of the screen. After that, select the Game tab and uncheck the Confirm Ejects option.

5) Play one round allowing only one voter per discussion When a meeting is called, one player will be randomly selected to cast the sole vote for the round. They can choose to skip the vote or follow through with who they think might be the imposter. If the imposter gets the vote, they can use it to get rid of people

6) Play one round with swapped names Decide as a group to all change their names to someone else in the group. Everyone's names will be scrambled. When playing the game, this could lead to some real chaotic discussions during meetings. One player could potentially accuse someone, leading to both the person accused and the person with the actual name both getting nervous.

7) Play one round using colors as names: Example: this round my avatar is red but my name is green. Next round my avatar is green but my name is orange.

8) Play one round using pronouns as names. I, you, them, who, me, not me, her, him, they....

9) Play one round of “Hide and Seek” The imposter will announce who they are at the beginning of the match. The sole imposter must count to ten as everyone goes and hides from them. The crew can have their vision set at 4x. The imposter, on the other hand, will only have their vision set at 0.5x. Imposter must sabotage communications in order for players to not know what four short tasks they have.

10)Play one round in Monochrome ****For this you will have to temporarily change the settings on your computer or device. Each device is different so you’ll have to look up how to change settings on your specific device. **** This setting makes finding the impostor nearly impossible because players can’t rely on color to pick them out. For an added difficulty factor, have all players name themselves a set number of uppercase I’s

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