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Suspicious Mates "Live" play

Suspicious Mates

1) Choose your setting. Where will you play?

2) Costumes. Gather household items to use as costumes to dress in the color of your chosen mate. You can also choose household items to use as “hats” to make your character more fun

3) Tasks: Together as a group decide what tasks the Mates must complete. Here are a few examples:

Fix wires. Draw two columns of four different colored dots on whiteboards in different areas. The task is to connect the dots.

Prime shields. This is also done on whiteboards. Draw hexagons in red whiteboard marker, fill a few of them in randomly before starting the game. The task is to erase the filled-in bits of each shield.

Send an email or text message saying hi to a friend.

Collect a small household item and deposit them. Choose a small household item like buttons, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. and designate stations to deposit the items.

Unlock a combination lock. Write the three different numbers that unlock the lock in separate rooms, and the task is collect the numbers and unlock the lock.

Collect batteries to turn on string lights. Take the batteries our of a set of string lights and set them around in tricky places. The task is to bring everything back together in order to turn the lights on.

4) Assign rolls and tasks: Write down all of the tasks on index cards with the areas that they could be found in, and put them in sandwich bags — one for short tasks and one for long tasks. Make little cards to draw that will tell if you will be an Impostor or a Crewmate. After drawing tasks, keep them in your pocket or bag. If there is only one Impostor, they would go about their job. If there two Impostors, everyone will close their eyes and only the Impostors will open their eyes, make eye contact, and nod — that way, they know who they were working with.

Now you're all set up and ready to play

Crewmates The Crewmates’ job is to do all of their tasks without being TOUCHED by the Impostor and to figure out who the Impostor is. Crewmates are allowed to move as fast as they want, and they aren't allowed to talk outside of meetings. (If you're playing in a large area and have appropriate permissions Crewmates can call meetings and report TOUCHED crewmates using the walkie-talkie app, Zello.) If a Crewmate was TOUCHED, they will sit quit and still until they are either found or a meeting is called. At that point, they go up to a whiteboard that has all names (or colors or character names) written down on it, and cross off their name. After the meeting ends, they can be allowed to continue doing their tasks as a ghost.

Impostors The Impostor’s job is to TOUCH without being discovered. There is no sabotaging or venting. The Impostor can TOUCH Crewmates by giving a giving a tap to the shoulder. If playing outdoors and to accommodate social distancing in place of giving a touch the Impostor can get the crewmates attention and give a thumbs up to eliminate the crewmate from game play. Impostors are still given tasks, and they are allowed to complete them if they wish. The Imposter had a 30 second TOUCH cooldown (meaning, after the TOUCH a crewmate they cannot TOUCH another mate for 30 seconds)

Meetings and Voting Designate a meeting place. Begin by having the TOUCHED cross off their names. Set a timer 90 seconds to discuss what has gone on. Check off names on the whiteboard if you have completed all of your tasks. (The Impostor is allowed to check off their name at any point.) The Impostors and Crewmates would vote after the time was up by counting to three and then pointing at the person they wanted to eliminate (or at the ground if they wished to skip.) If there was a majority, the player would be ejected. Everyone is allowed to call one emergency meeting each.

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