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Spring Treats Virtual Edition

Spring Treats Virtual Edition

1) Start with some Spring Treat icebreaker questions • Which do you eat first on a chocolate bunny, ears or feet? • What is your favorite spring treat candy? • Where would you hide a spring egg to ensure it would stay hidden? • If you had to choose a new animal to be the spring mascot, which one would you choose and why?

2) Make, edit, and share a “Virtual Egg Toss” video

3)Make an egg carton wreath and have a contactless exchange with your groupmates Start by cutting a paper egg carton into individual pieces. Cut a slit at each corner and fold back the sides. This will create the “flower petals”. Paint each flower your choice of color and set aside to dry. Glue the Flowers together to form a wreath Finish your wreath with ribbon and decorations of your choice.

4) Host a virtual Sock bunny puppet show via zoom To make sock bunnies you will need: a small sock felt large pom pom moveable eyes ribbon clear rubber bands rice Fill your sock with about a cup of rice, depending on the size of your sock. Tie clear rubber bands twice to create a body section and a head section, Cut a contrasting piece of felt to create a “belly” for the bunny, glue onto sock using tacky glue or hot glue. Glue eyes, teeth (a tiny square piece of felt cut down the middle that resembles teeth), pom pom on the back, and a nose (small rounded triangle piece of felt). Tie a bow around the neck area to give your bunny a cute bow tie. Cut the top of the sock in half to create ears on the sock bunny. Snip off the corners to make the ears slightly rounded.

5) Make a soda bottle or milk jug basket. Make a homemade dessert using your favorite spring treat candy and make a contactless delivery to a friend or loved one.

6) Play a round or two of Virtual “Chubby Bunny” Keep track of who says it the best during each round.

7) Host a virtual Spring Treat Themed “Lightning Scavenger Hunt” Lightning scavenger hunts are made to be FAST and built to be virtual. Round 1: Show “bunny ears” Grab an egg Round 2: Quack like a duck Show a flower Grab an umbrella Round 3: Hold up a carrot Eat 5 jelly beans Add any quick easy tasks and play as many rounds as you’d like

8) Play a round of spring time Simon Says Choose one participant to be Simon. Give commands like • Hop like a bunny • Peck like a chicken • Swim like a duck • Leap like a goat • Lay like a lamb

9) Play a round of Spring Treat Charades Take turns describing your favorite spring treat without words.

10) Host a Virtual Egg Hunt Hide bright colored eggs in one area of a room, such as a desk or kitchen counter, and snap a photo. During your online party, share your screen with the photo. Be sure that guests have the ability to annotate the image, so participants can mark the eggs. Ask each partygoer to come prepared with a picture, and take turns hosting the hunt.

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