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Before we can sew, we need to decide on a project.

We have chosen to make an easy monster stuffy.

Let's gather our materials:

Cardstock/heavy paper



Sewing pins

Two big pieces of Felt for the body

Felt scraps for the features



Sewing needles

Embroidery floss

We’ll need to cut out the pieces of our monster.

For the body portion we’ll need to make a pattern so that both front and the back of the body are the same size and shape.

To make a pattern we’ll draw the shape we’d like our monster to be on a piece of card stock or heavy paper.

Cut that pattern out.

Lay the pattern on your fabric that you’d like to use for the body of your monster.

Trace two of this shape on to your fabric.

Cut them out.

Using scraps of felt cut arms, legs, and any other features you'd like your monster to have, (mouth, teeth, ears, hair, a tail, ect)

Take one of your body pieces and lay out the features until you’re happy with placement.

Thread the needle with embroidery floss and remember to put a knot at the end.

Using the felt stitch, whip stitch, or blanket stitch sew your features to the front of your monster

If your adding buttons as eyes do that now as well.

Now take the back body piece and lay it flat. Arrange the arms and hair where you’d like them.

Stitch them in place.

Take the front body piece and lay it on top of the back piece and arms and hair – you’re making a little sandwich! Start sewing a running stitch or back stitch all around 3 sides, leaving the bottom edge open so we can add stuffing

Here is how to sew a running stitch: How to Hand Sew a Running Stitch - YouTube

Here is how to sew a back stitch: How to Hand Sew a Back Stitch - YouTube

Fill your monster with stuffing.

Tack the legs to the inside of the front piece and sew along the opening to close.

Your monster is complete

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