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Roaring 20s Party Plan

Roaring 20’s party:
*These Roaring 20’s party suggestions can be used alone or in conjunction with the Roaring 20’s badge requirements to get a little more history into your party. Use them as you see fit and have an amazing time celebrating the Roaring 1920s and looking ahead to the 2020s*
1920’s and 2020’s
1) Together with your group find a few pictures of 1920’s fashion. Decided if you will dress in 1920 or 2020 clothing styles for your party. Disuses the differences in the trends and styles. 2) Jazz music was made popular in the 1920’s listen to a few jazz songs followed by a few songs that you think will be popular going in to 2020. 3) While you’re enjoying the music have a dance contest. Can you do The Foxtrot, The Charleston, or the Texas Tommy? How about the Floss, The Best Mates dance, the Pon Pon Pon, or The Orange Justice dance? 4) Play a guessing game using slang words from the 1920s and slang words that you think will be used going in to 2020. Can you guess which era the slang word and terms are from? Can you explain to your group what the word or terms mean or meant? 5) Movies of the 1920s were very different than the movies that we have now going into 2020. Watch the silent short film “One Week“ staring Buster Keaton (available on YouTube, approximately 24 minutes long) or “The Kid” staring Charlie Chaplin (available on YouTube, approximately 53 minuets long) 6) While you watch the movie, have a snack.
This excerpt from Mrs. Allen on Cooking, Menus, Service, Ida C. Bailey Allen (c. 1924), gives suggestions on what to serve a party crowd on a budget.
Molded/fruited Jello-salads, fruit cocktail, sliced pineapples & bananas (maraschino cherry ok) Deviled eggs, celery, olives, pickles, salted nuts (almonds, pecans, peanuts, filberts) Bread sticks, Parker House rolls, saltine-type crackers, potato chips Caesar salad, Waldorf salad Finger sandwiches...peanut butter & jelly, ham, turkey, chicken salad, tomato, egg salad, cream cheese Fried chicken, baked ham Pineapple Upside down cake, angel or devil's food cakes, ice cream & chocolate sauce, chocolate pudding. Canned peaches work well. Beverage service: Soft drinks garnished with fruit & fruit juices (ginger ale with maraschino cherry juice, decorated with cherries), Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola, Kool-Aid, Lemonade, punch, coffee, cocoa & Orange Pekoe
Thanks in large part to Italian-American speak easy owners, Italian food and flavors became extremely popular, and we can’t forget that Girl Scout cookies got their start in 1922 
How do party foods of the 1920s compare to foods that you might find at a party in 2020?
7) Play a game
Jacks and Marbles were games commonly played in the school yard. Take a few minutes to learn the rules of Jacks and/or Marbles and play a round or two with your group.
Yo-Yos were also a new invention of the time and Yo-yo competitions were a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends. Hold your own yo-yo competition. How many times can you yo-yo? Do you know any yo-yo tricks that you can show your group?
8) End your party by showing off two new things that you learned to your family or friends.
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