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Random Acts of Kindness

Stay-at-home edition

Day 1: Make and send a "Thinking of you" card to 3 friends and/or family members

Day 2: Make a sweet treat and make a surprise (socially distanced) delivery to a friend or family member

Day 3: Make Kindness Rocks and leave them around your neighborhood. Invite your neighbors to take a walk around the neighborhood with their families to see if they can spot any of your rocks

Day 4: Write positive messages on Sticky notes and leave them around your house for your family to find.

Day 5: Create a time capsule of 10 pictures, notes, trinkets, news story clippings, etc., that remind you of positive, happy, and creative things that have happened so far this year. Invite other members of your family to do the same. Decide how long you will keep the capsule sealed before you open it.

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