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Painting Badge – MYO

Step 1 – Pick a Topic. I want to learn how to paint/how to improve my painting.

Step 2 – Learn. What do you need to know? -

I need to learn painting mediums and styles and techniques. o (Medium) What is oil painting, watercolor painting, pastel painting, acrylic painting? What are the differences between them? o (Style) What is landscape, still life, abstract, portrait? What are the differences between them? o (Technique) How do you start painting? How can you learn this? -

Look online or talk to an artist about different mediums.

These are the websites we looked at: o o

Search online for 2 pictures of each style and compare them. Which do you like better & why? Do any of them call to you? Which you like to try painting in? - Watch a beginning to paint video of the medium you would like to paint with. Or ask an artist to teach you how to begin with your chosen medium.

Step 3 – Do. How can I practice my new skill? Practice painting. Using you chosen medium, paint at least 2 pictures in 2 different styles. You can get cheap canvases at Walmart or Dollar Tree. Practice painting these multiple times and compare your first attempt to last attempt. Continue practicing in different styles (& mediums if you want) until you find one you are happy with.

Step 4 – Share - Talk with your troop, leader, an artist about your new skill. - What was the most fun? What did you learn? - Show off your artwork either by doing a holding an art show, teaching younger girls to paint (you could help Brownies earn their Painting badge), or sharing with seniors. Or come up with your own way to share.

Step 5 – Make Your Badge - Paint a picture of how you would design a painting badge to look.