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The history of the mixtape is complex, and its definition has transformed over time.They first appeared in the mid-1970s in the New York City hip hop scene over time the word mixtape transformed to mean a compilation of music, typically from multiple sources, recorded onto a medium. With origins in the 1980s, the term normally describes a homemade compilation of music onto a cassette tape. That came to change to CD and later a digital playlist. Before we start to build our mixtape let's talk about the evolution of music technology. 1) Think of your earliest memory of listening to music. Was it dialing in to your favorite radio station? Records, 8 tracks, cassette tapes, CDs. Mp3 players (Ipod and the like), streaming services? 2) Get a little more familiar with some of these types of media. Gather your group and do a little research on each type. • How do you find a radio station using a dial? • How many different types of vinyl records are there and what are the differences in each type? • What is an 8 track? How was it played? How many songs would an 8 track typically play? • Cassette tapes were the most commonly used media type when making mixtapes. What did the process of recording that mixtape typically look like? • CDs eventually took the place of cassette tapes. This made the processes of making a mixtape both easier and more complicated. Explain why. 3) Interview and ask this same question to as many generations as possible within your family. Parents, grandparents, great grandparents. Ask the same questions of the generations younger that you as well. 4) Together with your group discuss your interviews and the similarities and differences in your interviews. Did some of their answers surprise you? Often times mixtapes were put together to give as a gift or expression of your thoughts or feelings that you pass on to someone significant to you. Your parents, best friends, love interests...etc. As a result, substantial attention was given to the packaging of a mix tape. sometimes going so far as to create cover art and customized liner notes. Let's create a “Package” for our first mixtape. The typical mixtape holds about 60 minuets worth of music. Make a list of your favorite songs, totaling as close to 60 minutes as you can. 5) Grab 2 3x5 index cards. On one of your index cards write out the name of the song followed by the artist (Exe: Roar-Katy Perry) Repete this processes for all of the songs that you’ve chosen. Write carefully! You’ll need to fit all 60 minuets worth of song titles and artists on one side of this index card. 6) With your second index card create a picture that represents you and the songs that you’ve chosen. 7) What are liner notes? What would your liner notes say about you? On the reverse side of your index card with your artwork, write yourself some liner notes about what your mixtape means to you. In modern times the term “Mixtape” has died out in favor of the “playlist” 8) Together with your group make a playlist that you think best tells your story about your time together. 9) Make some art work and liner notes to go with your playlist. 10) Share your story with others through music!!

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