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MacrameC/S/A: complete 12Junior: Complete 10 Brownie/Daisy: Complete 8 1) What is macramé? 2) What types of materials are typically used in a macramé project? 3) When choosing your materials, there are 7 qualities you should consider. What are those qualities and why are they helpful? 4) Most macramé project require an anchor piece. What is an anchor piece and what is its purpose? 5) The Reverse Larkshead Knot is a popular choice for attaching your macramé cords to the anchor piece. Using a pencil and yarn or twine practice your reverse larkshead knot. 6) Another common knot used in macramé is the Half Knot worked with four cords. The two outer cords are the knotting cords and the two middle cords are the knot-bearing cords. What do the terms knotting cord and knot-bearing cord mean? 7) Practice the half knot 8) If you work a sennit of half knots, they will begin to naturally spiral. What does the term sennit mean? 9) The Square Knot is a continuation of the half knot. Work the first part of the knot just like a half knot then you finish the square by working another half knot using the opposite cords Practice your square knot 10) Learn about and practice the Vertical Half Hitch, Diagonal half hitch, horizontal half hitch, and overhand knot. 11) Together with your group use what your learned in the previous steps to complete a macramé project. 12) Share your project with your friends and family and display it in your home or meeting space. 13) Together with your group host a class to teach a younger group about macrame