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Leap year 2020

1 Learn why we have a Leap Year (that it actually takes 6 hours longer than 365 days for the Earth to orbit around the sun – a leap day puts things back in balance) and watch a video or research/read an online article that explains this.

2. Find out how often a Leap Year happens. Calculate when the last 4 leap years were and when the next 4 will be.
3. Learn the difference between Gregorian and Julian Calendars.
Determine what the DATE (month and day) for the following 2020 Julian Calendar Dates:
4. Then determine what the Julian Dates for the following 2020 Calendar Dates:
Leap Day
July 4
Your Birthday
January 1
5. Create a Leap Year themed poster (with frogs/earths/leaplings/dates etc.)
6. Have a Leap Year themed party.
7. Create a Leap Year Word Find or Crossword using Leap Year wordings and have a friend/family member complete it.
8. Learn what happens if a person is born on February 29th. Some Leaplings celebrate only on February 29th while others celebrate it either on February 28th or March 1st.

9. What about when someone is married on February 29th? If you were a Leap Bride when/and how often would you celebrate it and why?

10. Document what you did on leap day 2020 from start to finish. What to do think your future self may think of your day? Write a short story about what you think you will be doing next leap day.Add paragraph text here.

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