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Element series: Inspired by Avatar-the last air bender

The element of Fire represents passion and brightness

Fire is also the element most often associated with power

The people of the Fire Nation are dedicated, focused and intent on achieving their goal often at any cost. When members of the Fire Nation set goals, they will pursue those goals by any means necessary.

***Prince Zuko is on a hunt to retrieve his honor by capturing the avatar. He is focused on his goal and often doesn’t take other people or situations into consideration.

Uncle Iroh is dedicated to helping Prince Zuko "find his way". He is intent on showing Zuko that he must have balance in his life.***

1) What do passion, dedication, power, and focus mean to you?
2) When you set a goal for yourself, do you approach that goal with an “All or nothing” type of focus or a “Slow and steady” type of dedication?

Each nation has a select number of specialized weapons and tools that are used aside bending. Zuko is the only fire bender in his entire nation that uses Dao Swords.

3) What are Dao swords? What is their primary use? How do you think this sword relates to Prince Zuko?

The fire Nation are industrious and innovative people. They have a passion for planning and completing complex projects.

*Throughout the series you’ll see that the Fire Nation is consistently leading in technological advances. This is seen in the fleets of battle ships, the introduction of air ships, and weaponry.

4) Draw up a plan for your own Fire Nation air ship. If time allows, be creative and build you air ship out of things from home.

Like the element of Fire itself, the Fire Nation people can be both destructive and nourishing. Their willingness to reach goals at all costs can sometimes lead others to describe Fire Nation people as hot-headed, while their drive and charisma encourage others to follow their passions and keep fighting with thigs get hard.

5) Give an example of how Zuko, Iroh, and Azula are both destructive or hot headed and nourishing, charismatic, or encouraging.


Fire Nation buildings are modeled after the Pagodas of Asia. Learn more about Pagodas and their significance to the Asian culture. If time allows build your own Fire Nation Pagoda

Fire Nation society places a great emphasis on respect and honor, especially toward elders. Discuss ways that you have been and can be respectful to elders.

The people of the Fire Nation are known for having a taste for spicy foods like flaming fire flakes, fire gummies, sizzle-crisps, and fire cakes. If you were going to make these foods what ingredients do you think that would include? What do you think they would look and taste like? If time allows, do an experiment to try to create one of these Fire Nation snacks.

Fire Nation theater has a long history and is popular within the country. One of the most famous and popular theater plays is Love Amongst Dragons, which is performed annually at many places in the Fire Nation. Discuss what you think the play looks like. The costumes, the sets. What do you think the plot of the play is? If time allows create your own fire Nation skit.

The terrain of the Fire Nation was modeled after Iceland. Find a few pictures of Iceland and compare. What similarities and differences do you find?