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C/S/A complete 10

Junior complete 8

Brownie complete 6

Canning is a wonderful learning experience and hobby but is not recommended for all ages. Please use your own discretion and Use these 12 steps as a guideline as appropriate for your group.


Safety First!

#1 Canning can be fun and relaxing if done safely. What steps do you need to take to unsure that you are being safe while canning? List a few things that can go wrong and how to prevent them.

#2 What is botulism? What is the sign and symptoms? How can it be prevented when home canning?

Get ready!

#3 Research recipes for canned foods that you would like to try. Find 2 fruit, 2 veggie, and 1 meat recipe.

#4 Visit a local farmers market or “Pick your own” farm. Pick 1 fruit and 1 veggie. That you would like to learn to preserve.

#5 Canning is a practice that has been in use for many generations. Invite a friend or relative who has canning experience to speak to your group about the methods that they use and why they use them.

#6 Gather you supplies. What supplies will you need to can the food that you have chosen? What purpose does each item serve?

#7 The most common item used for canning food are glass jars. There are 3 steps that you should always take when preparing jars for canning. What are those steps and why are they important?

#8 There are 2 canning methods. What are those methods and how do they differ? How do you determine which method to use? Make a list of 3 foods that use each method.

#9 Canning at higher altitudes requires more processing time. Why?

#10 What are the differences between, Jelly, Jam, Marmalade, and pickling?

Put your knowledge to practice

#11 Gather the foods, supplies, and knowledge that you gathered in previous steps and use them to make a delicious treat for your family.

#12 Host a tasting party using you home canned foods and equivalent items purchased from your local grocery store. Do you prefer the homemade items or the store-bought items? Give your reasons why

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