Calligraphy Interest Project
We write just about every day. We default to print, but what about other ways of writing? Calligraphy is an amazing artform that allows you to get creative with your writing. When working on this badge, you will learn the origins of calligraphy and possibly pick up a new hobby. Complete ten of the requirements to earn this badge including the starred ones.
1. *Learn the history of calligraphy. When did it start? Why did people use it?*
2. Learn the Italic calligraphy alphabet. Do you like it? Why or why not? Remember to keep your pen at a 45-degree angle.
3. *Learn to write your name in Italic calligraphy. Try playing around to see what works for you.*
4. Look up different calligraphy fonts like Gothic. List 5.
5. What kind of tools are used for calligraphy? Are there substitutes? Identify 5.
6. Make a card using calligraphy. Look up different borders or make your own.
7. Look for examples of calligraphy used in modern times. List 3.
8. Find professions that utilize calligraphy. What are they called? List 3.
9. Why do you feel there is still a desire for calligraphy?
10. What did people use to make ink? List 5 ingredients.
11. What are ink pads used for? What about ink cartridges?
12. What feathers made the best quills for writing?
13. A long time ago people didn’t have paper as we do now. What materials were used for parchment?
14. *Write a small poem or quote in a form of calligraphy. Try doing a large letter with many accents for the first letter. For examples, search “Once upon a time calligraphy.” Look for the large “O”*
15. Try to make your own ink. Did it work? What would you change to improve it?

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