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Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

1) As you read along make A BOOK IN A BOX*Find an old shoe box or any kind of container with a lid *Decorate your container to go with your book’s cover and title *As you read fill your container with items form the story. Can be pictures (hand drawn or printed) if needed. *Make a note card for each item that you put into the container. *When you’ve finished to book use your BOOK IN A BOX to share the story with another member of your group or family 2) Where is Nova Scota? Find Nova Scota on a map? How far is it from where you live? How long would it take you to travel there? 3) What is Green Gables? Create a drawing, painting, diorama, or sculpture of what you think Green Gables looks like. 4) Why does the story spend so much time on Anne's first few weeks at Green Gables, and less time on when she's older? 5) What characteristics does Anne share with Marilla? With Matthew? 6)Good behavior is a subject that troubles Anne. Choose two main characters from the novel and discuss the different ways each character approaches the problem of being good. 7) Make Creamy Butterscotch Pudding Ingredients you’ll need: *1cup brown sugar, firmly packed *2tablespoons cornstarch *1 ⁄4teaspoon salt *2cups milk *2egg yolks *2tablespoons butter *1teaspoon vanilla Equipment You Will Need:. • 2 small mixing bowls. • fork. • heavy medium saucepan. • measuring cups. • measuring spoons. • wooden spoon. • serving bowl. • plastic wrap. Directions • Break the eggs and separate them into the two small mixing bowls. Beat the yolks with the fork and set them aside. • Combine the brown sugar, cornstarch, and salt in the medium saucepan. With the wooden spoon gradually stir in the milk. • Place the saucepan over medium heat. Cook and stir the mixture until it is thick and bubbling - about 10 - 15 minutes. Stir and cook for 2 more minutes, and then take the saucepan off the heat. • Dip a measuring cup into the hot mixture and take out about 1 cup. Very slowly stir the cup of hot mixture into the egg yolks. Then stir the hot egg-yolk mixture into the large saucepan. • Stirring constantly, cook over medium heat for 2 more minutes. • Take the saucepan off the heat and add the butter and vanilla. Stir with the wooden spoon until the butter melts. • Pour pudding into the serving bowl. To keep a skin from forming on top, carefully place a piece of plastic wrap over the hot pudding and let it cool - about 1 minute. Remove the plastic wrap and spoon the pudding into small bowls. 8) Take a deep dive and write out 2 big lessons that this book taught you. Share those lessons with a Kindred Spirit.

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