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element series: inspired by Avatar-the last air bender


The Air Nomads were a peaceful race. They lived in large temples and traveled the world on flying bison. They were the most spiritual of all the cultures and lived in harmony with nature. They also were fun-loving and had a strong sense of humor.

* Monk Gyatso used a unique teaching method when tutoring Aang with his airbending skills, accurately blowing fruit pies onto other monks' heads as a prank. This activity was useful training and a fun game combined*

1) Can you give an example of lesson or skill you learned or practiced though fun or silly games?

2) What does the term nomad mean? Do you think this term describes Aang?

Airbenders who have attained a level of mastery are marked with arrow tattoos, based on the arrows of the sky bison, the first airbenders. The arrows mark the paths through which chi travels through the body. When an Air Nomad Avatar tattooed in this fashion enters the Avatar State, these tattoos are known to glow, along with the Avatar's eyes and mouth.

3) Learn more about Chi and why its balance is important to the Air Nomads

Believing all life to be precious, the Air Nomads were strict vegetarians. The nomads were also known for making sweet dishes such as pies

4) Aang loves Egg custard pie. What makes Egg custard pie unique from other pies? If time allows make your own Egg Custard Pie

Airball was a ball game played by the Air Nomads atop a court of towering wooden poles. In the game, which could be played with a minimum of two participants, the players would use their airbending to cause a hollow ball to ricochet among the poles and enter the goal on the other side of the court Using airbending, bounce the ball off of a series of posts to score a goal

5) Make your own Airball court using items from home. While standing at one end of your court (on the ground) try to bounce a ball off of the objects you’ve lined up into a goal on the opposite side.


Aang was a member of the Air Scouts, where he learned essential skills such as how to tie reins to a bison's horns with the bison horn knot

*What other skills do you thing Aang learned as an Air Scout? How are those skills similar to skills you’ve learned?
*What do you think a bison horn knot looks like? *

Airbenders emphasize intuition and imagination

*Give a few examples of situations when AAng usge intuition and imagination to solve a problem*

Airbending is based on the Baguazhang style of martial arts

*Learn more about Baguazhang. Learn a few forms, practice, and teach them to your friends or family.


An airbender's sneeze can create more propulsion than a modern-day jet engine

Airbenders are the second loudest snorers in the world, with flying bison being the first

Airbenders are nomadic. They love to travel.

Unlike the other nations, the people of the Air Nomads were all benders due to the high level of spirituality of their people.

Due to the peaceful teachings of their leaders, the nature of the people was calm and tranquil. They also believed in equality for all, that people should live without divisions in society

Any industry that they invested in, such as farming or gardening, was sustainable and powered naturally, so as to not disturb the balance of nature.

The Air Nomad culture closely resembles that of Hindu priests and Tibetan monks.